Friday, 13 September 2013

The story behind my URL

A lot of people just reckon my name is Ariana just from my url. Especially on tumblr (blog) where more people know me! In fact, my url has a story behind, a personal one that most of the people do not know since they just assume i wrote my name as my url. Well if you notice i wrote ariana with two "r" in my url. And this is where it all begins. It is a really special memory for me, and a nice one I must admit, but I understand that for most of you it is just one little detail and that you are not that interested. But I will be telling the story anyway:) 2 summers ago I went to a camp with my besties in a hotel in the mountains where in the morning you took maths courses (it was compulsory) and in the afternoon you were free to do whatever you wanted; as long as you stayed in the hotel's territories of course! Well one day one of my besties saw a boy walking alone and she just went up to him and talked to him! Then we met his friends and then his neighbours in the next room- one of them is actually an ex boyfriend to me- and we became friends! His twin brother didn't talk a lot to me when we were there but once we left we started talking on facebook! We talked every single day for each second of it! He was like my brother and that's the person who gave me the nickname arriana. This is because one day in the hotel we all sat in one room and talked and somebody said to me something and I replied with a simple "arr". Then suddenly that boy added "iana" and he explained to me that arr and iana made ariana! And yay this is the story of my url it's pointless but I wanted to write it so when I look back at these posts in the future I will take a decent look at this one as well:)

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