Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I hate misunderstandings

Today something small happened that quite upset me. I was on tumblr the other day asking a girl for some advice and since we were previously talking privately- not publishing our conversation- I was expecting a private answer for that question. But i got none of it. It didn't even crossed my mind that she might publish her answer- and now I understand I should check before messaging her again- and today I messaged her that I told her the other day that if she didn't want to answer my question it was okay. And suddenly I see my today's message on my dash and her getting pissed at me because I wasn't careful enough to see if she had posted it. It's my fault and I recognize it but you know I didn't understand why she got mad at me and called me dumb publicly. You know if you are reading this I think that insulting someone is not very wise since you may spoil your day. Although I don't think you'll be reading this I hope someday you will find this post and although you don't really care about what happened today, your response to my friendly question was shocking for me. I don't even know if I have the right to comment on this incident today but you know I need somewhere to vent my thoughts and well this is my blog. I just don't understand why some people will get so angry towards someone before even understanding the situation. Today for example was a total misunderstanding. And then I saw her followers messaging her that I embarrassed myself. Although I don't even care about hate since I do not get any, this got me unprepared and at one point I was worried if I was going to start getting hate. I don't know i'm just really confused -again- but I guess I will let it go since it meant nothing. 

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