Friday, 13 September 2013

The story behind my URL

A lot of people just reckon my name is Ariana just from my url. Especially on tumblr (blog) where more people know me! In fact, my url has a story behind, a personal one that most of the people do not know since they just assume i wrote my name as my url. Well if you notice i wrote ariana with two "r" in my url. And this is where it all begins. It is a really special memory for me, and a nice one I must admit, but I understand that for most of you it is just one little detail and that you are not that interested. But I will be telling the story anyway:) 2 summers ago I went to a camp with my besties in a hotel in the mountains where in the morning you took maths courses (it was compulsory) and in the afternoon you were free to do whatever you wanted; as long as you stayed in the hotel's territories of course! Well one day one of my besties saw a boy walking alone and she just went up to him and talked to him! Then we met his friends and then his neighbours in the next room- one of them is actually an ex boyfriend to me- and we became friends! His twin brother didn't talk a lot to me when we were there but once we left we started talking on facebook! We talked every single day for each second of it! He was like my brother and that's the person who gave me the nickname arriana. This is because one day in the hotel we all sat in one room and talked and somebody said to me something and I replied with a simple "arr". Then suddenly that boy added "iana" and he explained to me that arr and iana made ariana! And yay this is the story of my url it's pointless but I wanted to write it so when I look back at these posts in the future I will take a decent look at this one as well:)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I hate misunderstandings

Today something small happened that quite upset me. I was on tumblr the other day asking a girl for some advice and since we were previously talking privately- not publishing our conversation- I was expecting a private answer for that question. But i got none of it. It didn't even crossed my mind that she might publish her answer- and now I understand I should check before messaging her again- and today I messaged her that I told her the other day that if she didn't want to answer my question it was okay. And suddenly I see my today's message on my dash and her getting pissed at me because I wasn't careful enough to see if she had posted it. It's my fault and I recognize it but you know I didn't understand why she got mad at me and called me dumb publicly. You know if you are reading this I think that insulting someone is not very wise since you may spoil your day. Although I don't think you'll be reading this I hope someday you will find this post and although you don't really care about what happened today, your response to my friendly question was shocking for me. I don't even know if I have the right to comment on this incident today but you know I need somewhere to vent my thoughts and well this is my blog. I just don't understand why some people will get so angry towards someone before even understanding the situation. Today for example was a total misunderstanding. And then I saw her followers messaging her that I embarrassed myself. Although I don't even care about hate since I do not get any, this got me unprepared and at one point I was worried if I was going to start getting hate. I don't know i'm just really confused -again- but I guess I will let it go since it meant nothing. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Good feeling

Soo I don't know why but I think this year is going to be great! Tough but great. I'm doing my A levels this year and i'm so nervous for the outcome but I know that if I will work hard and study occasionally I will receive my predicted grades. I hope so! So yeah this year is going to be great because I will eventually turn 18. I don't know if making a big blast about it will disappoint me in the end but at the moment i'm so excited! One of the reasons i'm craving this day is that I will finally get my driving license. This means that I will not be dependent on my parents or the buses' schedules to move around! I can grab my keys and hit the road any minute. Now a lot of my friends claim that once you get the license you are bored of driving anywhere but never mind I'm still excited woohoo! Anyways I HOPE that my boyfriend won't move away this year- cause there's a chance he will- because instead of great, this year will end up being so awful. But i'm still hoping things will turn out good for him... for us! I try to always see things positively:)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Give up?! Nahh

Soo me and my boyfriend decided one thing. To not give up yet. I'm referring to my parents not accepting him as my boyfriend. We shall go after what we want. We talked things out and decided that the next time we go out and my father comes to pick me up he will walk with me to the car and just talk to him and introduce himself over the window. It's either by free will or by force but my father will get to meet him. From then and on, it's my father's decision whether he will approach him more or just ignore this nice gesture. I don't know if this will be a good move but we have nothing to lose at this point. Ugh I really wish things were normal with my parents. Why do they have to make it this hard! I've done nothing wrong I am a good girl who just fell in love what's the deal here?!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Really confused right now

I am indeed really really confused right now. Not with what i'm going to wear or what I will eat but actually with the attitude of some people. I'm concerned of how much someone can pretend and for how long. I mean there are some people who just play all nice and angels in front of you and just stab you as soon as you turn your back. And these people are the ones you call "best friends". Fortunately though this turned good for me since my real best friends are still okay with me, they are very nice, and only one girl with which me and my besties used to hang out turned the tables on us. One moment she's all smiles and giggles the next she's distant and gossiping us. I just don't understand that. A good friend is the one who stays by your side no matter what. That's what i've learned. I never betrayed any of my friends and neither have they except from this girl. I'm really disappointed right now cause I used to hang out A LOT with her and we discussed everything and we went to ballet lessons together. But now when I see her on my lessons I just smile politely and talk with the other girls. Ironic how we two used to be the ones sitting in the corner of the classroom laughing non-stop. Now I just see her as a stranger and it hurts a lot that things turned out this way. But I guess she's the one who made this choice, she's the one who pulled herself out of our friendship just to be friends with another group. So I guess that's how life is, isn't it? 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Catch up

Hello:) Today things between me and my boyfriend were a little bit better although i refused to talk to my parents. My father muttered something about him affecting me negatively but i think it's the exact opposite. Anyways i decided not to talk to them about him ever again. It's just pointless, either they will accept it or not. 

Other than that, today I woke up at lunch time- trying to enjoy the last days of my summer before school starts- and my mother was upset cause by noon I had not even made my bed nor put some pants on. I didn't get angry with her though just dressed myself and made my bed (what a nice little girl I am). 

I thought i needed to get my form back so I grabbed my bike and rode to the park when I did my gymnastic for about an hour. Then I attended my ballet lesson and it was the first of this year so I was so overwhelmed to see my teacher and my old classmates! We had a lot of catch up to do I admit! We girls are so good at gossiping I'm sometimes scared of how fast news can travel! Ps: I never gossip about anyone negatively this is just rude and I think people should stop this nonsense. 

I am having an exam in two days and i'm not prepared cause i'm too lazy to study yay. But i'm a fast learner and paid a lot of attention during the course so I remember most of the things by heart. I'm good at languages fortunately! Lucky me. I think I will just go through my notes and my grammar. What else? I think that's it for the day:)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Angry maybe?

Okay so here i am starting a blog cause i need to write down my thoughts. Well, an incident tonight made me take the decision and make this blog. I'm very frustrated with my parents. They just won't accept my decisions and my opinions. They won't let me bring my boyfriend home. Why? Because he belongs to a different socioeconomic place than we are. So what mates?? He's the one i'm dating and love with the whole of my heart. So just get over it won't you already? It's been 7 months... For some people it's not much time for others it's an eternity but for me it is a respected enough period of time for you to want to meet the guy your daughter is dating. I mean come on you should want to meet him right? Well i guess not cause you are way far from open-minded. How ironic since you claim to be that kind of people. You know sometimes i just don't get you. Okay he's not so educated as I am and he has different goals and dreams from me but who the hell cares he makes me happy that's what I know. I mean he's so sweet and he always respects my decisions whether he likes them or not. So why should you make things so difficult for me? So difficult for us, for our relationship we are more than happy to have. A parent should be a guardian where he's supposed to protect you but at the same time respect your own decisions as an individual. I just don't get you sorry. So disappointed right now. I'm done from reaching out for you. Completely done.