Monday, 2 September 2013

Catch up

Hello:) Today things between me and my boyfriend were a little bit better although i refused to talk to my parents. My father muttered something about him affecting me negatively but i think it's the exact opposite. Anyways i decided not to talk to them about him ever again. It's just pointless, either they will accept it or not. 

Other than that, today I woke up at lunch time- trying to enjoy the last days of my summer before school starts- and my mother was upset cause by noon I had not even made my bed nor put some pants on. I didn't get angry with her though just dressed myself and made my bed (what a nice little girl I am). 

I thought i needed to get my form back so I grabbed my bike and rode to the park when I did my gymnastic for about an hour. Then I attended my ballet lesson and it was the first of this year so I was so overwhelmed to see my teacher and my old classmates! We had a lot of catch up to do I admit! We girls are so good at gossiping I'm sometimes scared of how fast news can travel! Ps: I never gossip about anyone negatively this is just rude and I think people should stop this nonsense. 

I am having an exam in two days and i'm not prepared cause i'm too lazy to study yay. But i'm a fast learner and paid a lot of attention during the course so I remember most of the things by heart. I'm good at languages fortunately! Lucky me. I think I will just go through my notes and my grammar. What else? I think that's it for the day:)

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