Sunday, 8 September 2013

Good feeling

Soo I don't know why but I think this year is going to be great! Tough but great. I'm doing my A levels this year and i'm so nervous for the outcome but I know that if I will work hard and study occasionally I will receive my predicted grades. I hope so! So yeah this year is going to be great because I will eventually turn 18. I don't know if making a big blast about it will disappoint me in the end but at the moment i'm so excited! One of the reasons i'm craving this day is that I will finally get my driving license. This means that I will not be dependent on my parents or the buses' schedules to move around! I can grab my keys and hit the road any minute. Now a lot of my friends claim that once you get the license you are bored of driving anywhere but never mind I'm still excited woohoo! Anyways I HOPE that my boyfriend won't move away this year- cause there's a chance he will- because instead of great, this year will end up being so awful. But i'm still hoping things will turn out good for him... for us! I try to always see things positively:)

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